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My Shade of Purple

Encouraging , Uplifting and Inspiring Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

A clip of my family story that inspired me.

About My Shade of Purple

The purpose of My Shade of Purple is to encourage, uplift and inspire survivors of Domestic Abuse through testimonial focused messages, striving towards breakthroughs. I have built this platform to focus on more than just the abuse itself but the after math and the importance of self care and healing along your journey. The survivors and their loved ones are key. Together, through conversations of empowerment and encouragement, this solution seeking platform strives to push the importance of Domestic Abuse Advocacy by standing up, speaking out and standing in the gap for those who aren’t able to do so for themselves. 

MSOP Strives To:

Connect Victims And Survivors

Discuss Self-Care and Post Trauma Support

Domestic Violence Education

Encourage Advocacy against DV.

Supporting and

Uplifting Women Around The World


Meet Kei Shantor



As a Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate, my purpose in this life is to help raise awareness and keep the conversation going as to why Domestic Violence needs to end. I have dedicated the past 7 years ( and counting) of my life supporting my family through our tragedy and dealing with the aftermath, by providing care coordination to my younger siblings. I took on the role of being their Custodial Guardian at the age of 21 and it has truly been a journey. I realized my view point and role needed to be shared as I saw more and more families getting impacted by Domestic Violence like we have.  I decided to create My Shade of Purple to pay homage to my mother and sister and honor our time here on earth together. I hope you enjoy it as well as stick around to learn, advocate and grow with me.  Losing my mother and sister was truly devastating. This changed my families entire life. The help of complete strangers helped us push forward in our journey to triumph. I am here to help encourage you to do the work necessary to move your story from tragedy to triumph.


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Encourage the use of resources available for survivors of DV so that they have a support system to help them through their personal struggles.  


Uplift the broken-spirited and help redirect their focus towards high self-efficacy tactics to help them with coping and embracing a new positive road within their life. 


Inspire survivors as well as family and friends to turn their experiences from being a total mess into a message of strength and resilience. 


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