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I am LaKeisha Williams-Till

I am a compassionate and empathetic Victim Advocate Specialist, adept at formulating
and executing evidence-based programs and crisis interventions to meet the unique
needs for a Domestic Violence family. I am skilled at retaining exceptional knowledge
related to laws and judicial system responses that directly impact family violence and
sexual assault victims. As a Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate,
my purpose in this life is to help raise awareness and keep the conversation going as to why Domestic Violence Advocacy and programs are necessary and vital.
Losing my mother and sister was truly devastating. This changed my family's entire life. I have dedicated the past 7 years (and counting) of my life towards supporting my family through our tragedy. I have been helping my family rebuild by providing care coordination to my younger siblings. I took on the role of being their Custodial Guardian at the age of 23 and it has truly been a life changing journey. I realized my viewpoint and role needed to be shared as I saw more and more families getting impacted by Domestic Violence as we have.  
I decided to create My Shade of Purple to pay homage to my mother and sister and
honor our time here on earth together. I hope you enjoy it as well as stick around to
learn, advocate, and grow with me.  The help of complete strangers progressed, my
family’s story forward in our journey to triumph. I am here to help encourage you to not be afraid to do the work necessary to move your story from tragedy to triumph.


MSOP Strives to:

Connect Victims And Survivors

Discuss Self-Care and Post Trauma Support 

Domestic Violence


Encourage Advocacy Against DV

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